This is just a small selection of covers that I made for my stories. Some are already up on Quizlet. Others are for stories that are either still in progress, or yet to be written. 


As you can see on the covers, fanfiction is my favorite genre. And seriously nobody is safe with me. :) 

I can write about 1D, 5SOS, actors (not yet there but they will) and even some athletes who practice parkour and freerunning. 

However, fantasy and action are coming as well. I just don't have covers yet for every story that is on my laptop. Which is -by now- over 100 stories. Most of them will end up on Quizlet. 

Renate van Fessem

Listen to your heart and follow your dream

Who am I? 


I'm Renate van Fessem, from Rotterdam. My passion for writing started about 20 years ago. 

In the beginning, I wrote simple essays for school. Which got longer as more I wrote. 

For me, writing is a way to express myself, so yes, I always put something about myself in the story. My first book got published back in 2013. That is a novel 'Opnieuw naar het paradijs'. 

After that I started to focus more to the writing and tried to find myself again. Since I lost myself at the time. Now, and after a long time, I'm back and I want to share my story, opinion and if possible, to sell my own books here in the shop. 


About me

My name is Renate and I'm from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. If you want to know more click on the button. 


For contact click on the button. 

You'll find my social media or just send me an e-mail. 

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